Main Facility

View of North Bill From The Road


The Highest Standard—Across the Board and Across the Area.

As a family-owned and operated, commercial oilfield wastewater disposal facility with over 55 years of combined experience in the oilfield industry, North Bill Disposal is dedicated to setting benchmarks in efficiency, consistency, convenience, and environmentally safe practices. We accept oilfield produced and flowback water on a per-barrel basis.

Why Choose North Bill Disposal?

Location, Location, Location

In many ways, and for many reasons, our locations set us apart. Our state-of-the-art offload facilities are conveniently located to meet your demands. The Main Facility is located directly off Highway 59 at mile 41, just north of Bill, Wyoming. The Riehle Site is located just 13 miles south of our main facility. Well-lit and open 24/7, our facilities are designed to drastically reduce trucking costs with an eight-minutes-per-180-barrels offload time, cutting customer costs in half.

Where Capabilities Meets Capacity

With Four Class I Injections wells and 11 evaporative ponds at our combined Facilities, North Bill Disposal is dedicated to providing a fully capable water disposal site. We also offer four unloading stations at each site and fresh water at our Main Facility in large capacities through six simple and accurate meter stations.

Environmentally Focused

North Bill Disposal makes no exceptions when it comes to environmental compliance. By meeting—and often exceeding—the strict regulations of the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, we’re setting the industry standard for environmental practices.

Meet Our Team

Jack Amen

Jack Amen – Founder & CEO

In 1974, Jack began his career on a workover rig. It was there that his strong character, hard work ethic, and perseverance started taking shape.

In 1984, after nearly nine years in the industry, Jack opened Tomahawk Treating at the age of 27. With nothing but one truck and a determined spirit, Jack grew Tomahawk Treating during a volatile time in the oil industry, persevering through a slow and challenging time to grow a business. Through years of hard work and patience, Jack helped Tomahawk Treating become a thriving company, eventually selling at a time it had reached 50 employees.

Not long after Tomahawk Treating sold came the idea for North Bill Disposal, and the engineering phase began. North Bill went from raw land with nothing on it to a fully functional oilfield disposal with three-phase power.

It’s been 40 years since Jack started his career on the workover rig. Today, Jack is a resource and friend to his clients and consultant to Zach and Barbie, leading by example, teaching that the road to success is paved with persistence and dedication.

Zach Amen

Zach Amen – Co Founder & Director of Productions

Zach started his career at Tomahawk Treating Services as a hot oil truck operator in 2002. After spending a few years heating and treating oil that didn’t meet selling requirements, Zach took a role in management, supervising, training, and pushing up to 32 trucks at a time.

In addition to his time in the oil field, Zach served in the National Guard from 1999–2011. He was deployed to Hurricane Katrina to aid in vehicle maintenance for clean up and also to Afghanistan from 2006 to 2007. This broad range of experience made Zach the person he is—a man who values hard work, dedication, and integrity on and off the job.

In 2010, Zach was involved in the planning stages of the company that would become North Bill Disposal and has been involved in all future builds and expansions to date.

Barbie Salerno

Barb Salerno – Vice President Of Sales

Barb brings years of valuable work experience to the North Bill team. With a driven personality, a professional demeanor, and a get-it-done attitude, Barb supports day-to-day activities in a variety of ways.

Barb is a natural problem solver and sound decision maker. As an entrepreneur, having owned and operated her own business, Barb knows full well the value of persevering in the face of challenges. This mentality showed itself the second she joined North Bill, during a downturn of oil prices. Despite the challenges, she dove in—making phone calls, visiting customers, and initiating sales. This hard-working character has made Barb a critical member of the North Bill team since 2015.

Dan Pauli

Dan Pauli – Director of Operations

Dan entered the oil field industry in 1975. It was then that he began honing his skills as a mechanic, working on everything from pumps, to trucks, to workover rigs.

With the mind and eye of an engineer, Dan sees every problem as an opportunity. Balancing creativity with common sense, he sees projects from unique angles and designs solutions to meet the challenge at hand. It’s an approach like this that’s made Dan a valuable member of the North Bill Disposal team since 2013.

Before his time at North Bill Disposal, Dan spent time as a mechanic and an owner of his own diesel service and repair shop.